About Agrilight

Agrilight® is the expert in the field of lighting for livestock housing and agricultural buildings. Based on professional, independent research and in collaboration with agricultural specialists, distributors, installers and livestock farmers, Agrilight b.v. has developed a complete range of lights which are capable of providing optimum, uniform and efficient lighting in your livestock housing with just a single row of fixtures. Agrilight® fixtures are manufactured in the Netherlands. Working in collaboration with our dealers worldwide, we can supply you with a lighting installation designed to your precise specifications.
In addition to its headquarters in the Netherlands, Agrilight®also has offices in Canada. By learning from one another’s knowledge and experience, we are able to provide livestock farmers worldwide with the best possible advice about light in animal housing. Whether you are renovating an old building or constructing a new one, Agrilight® can provide tailor-made advice for every type of livestock housing.