AVILED® premium|AVILED® Serie

With the AVILED® premium, you get a high worthy Led fixture for a good price. The fixture is designed on the basis of long year experience with LED lighting in the poultry business. The AVILED® fixture works with reliable and proven lens technology. This way you are ensured of a good light spread in your barn. As with all Agrilight products, they are moist, dust and ammonia proof. The light is dimmable form 100% to 1% and you can applied to different light regimes. The fixture is optionally available in a version with integrated blue LED which function as catching light (see light advise).

Management via climate system

The AVILED® premium can be controlled with a DALI signal. With the 0-10V DALI converter, the controller which converts 0-10V signal into a DALI signal, the AVILED® premium fixtures can be connected seamlessly to the 0-10V signal of your climate system.  This way you are ensured that the dimming functionality works flawless.

100% flicker free dimming

To influence the growth rate of the birds, farmers use the dimming of the light. For optimal control, farmers prefer to dim the light down to 1% dim level. Light manufacturers use a method with quickly turning on and off the light (Pulse Modulation Dimming) to achieve this low dim level. People will not see this flickering, but the birds do and this causes stress.

Stress affects the animal welfare and the full growth of the birds. This causes a higher death rate among the birds and lower profits for the farmer.

With the new dim technology, Agrilight made it possible to dim the light down to 1%, with a constant light output (Amplitude Dimming). This is 100% without flickering and does not cause stress for the birds. This results in a lower death rate and better full grown birds, resulting in higher profits for the farmer.

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